onsdag 28 december 2016

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks

Holiday  season brought with it some great collections of makeup this year, and among them were these mini-sized liquid lipsticks from Kat Von D. As major part of the beauty community I'm totally bananas about liquid lipsticks, and I do think the ones from Kat Von D are very nice.

The lipsticks I got are from 2 different kits (one with Susperia and Melancholia and one with the rest). Earlier, I've got Exorcism and Outlaw.

Row 1 (left to right) Santa Sangre, Plath, Lovesick & Melancholia

Row 2 (left to right) Outlaw, Echo, Susperia & Mother

Row 3 (left to right) Exorcism, Roxy, L.U.V. & Backstage Bambi

Backstage Bambi










Santa Sangre


Have you tried any of her lipsticks? Which one is your favorite?

söndag 25 december 2016

The Year Of Hell (and Heaven)

 Ok, so I told you before about my health issues and back when I announced my reappearance in the blogging universe I honestly thought that it couldn't get any worse. Boy, was I wrong! When I started this new blog I was on sick leave  from my retail manager job and having a couple of months rest renewed my energy levels a little bit. Being the productive and creative soul that I am, I felt very restless being home for such a long time and was eager to get back to work. My doctor (who has been an amazing support in all this) agreed to let me go back to work 50% and so I did. It felt so good to be back! Suddenly I almost felt like a complete human being again. But, still, I had this endless tiredness swallowing me every day.

My days were literally just going to work for four hours and then sleeping all afternoon waiting for my fiancé (now husband -wohoo!) to come home, having dinner and then going back to sleep again. I tried to exercise but whenever I did so I got so sick I had to stay in bed for days afterwards. I felt like a 30-years-old trapped in the body of a 90 year old lady.

Finally at the end of summer I got to go to a specialist who diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME). What a relief to have a name for the living hell! I'm so grateful that it's not something lethal even though this means that I will probably wake up every day for the rest of my life in pain and with excruciating tiredness. I have had to make a lot of adjustments in my everyday life to make sure that I don't overstrain myself and it's going to take a long time to accept that I'm not able to do everything that I once could.
And then this surge of inspiration made me feel almost like my old self again. Almost.
If you made it this far through this massive amount of text; thank you! Thank you for taking your time listening to my story!

So what's up with you all? Have 2016 treated you well? I hope you're all having a lovely holiday and with any luck I'll see you soon. :)

P.S. Extra points for the person who can spot the Star Trek reference ;D

torsdag 14 april 2016

Future MAC

I was supposed to write this blog post about a week ago, but as I mentioned in my latest blogpost I started working again after a longer period of sick leave, and I've been very, very tired - thus the lack of blogposts the past week.

Well, anyway... As some of you have seen MAC has recently launched a collection called Future MAC, with a variety of soft, spring-breathing colors with a futuristic edge.

As for myself I couldn't help falling in love with the silvery grey mineralize lipstick called Ionized and the sparkling lipgloss Interspatial. :)

Would you wear a shade like this?

Thank you for reading! :)

Madam Noire

torsdag 7 april 2016

Shrinkle's Asylum

Today is that kind of day when everything that can go wrong when doing a makeup look will most definitely go wrong. My eyes were itching and watering like crazy, eyebrows were impossible to get straight and nice and the false lashes kept detaching in the corners due to the running eyes. You know, that kind of day. 

Anyway, this look is inspired by Shrinkle, who - which many of you already know, I'm sure - is the founder of the indie makeup brand Sugarpill. She has always been a huge inspiration for me and I couldn't resist recreating this blue and red look of hers. 

Spring-alleries and in desperate need of Cleareyes... 

Eyebrows: Carbon (MAC)
Eyes: Asylum, Tako (Sugarpill), Anja (Illamasqua), Blanc Type and Carbon (MAC)
False lashes: Saint (Sugarpill)

Tomorrow I'm starting working again after a couple of months sick-leave and I'm very excited to be back. MAC is also launching a new collection tomorrow, Future MAC*, and I might purchase a couple of items from it. 

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you liked the look! :) 

Madam Noire 

* It has been launched in some other countries already and online

lördag 2 april 2016

Fashion Legacy

I'm sure none of you (at least if you're interested in makeup) have missed the hype on liquid lipsticks over the past few years. Most brands carry them, and they are claimed to be matte, extremely long-lasting and smudge proof, which is completely true for all the ones I have tried. Thus, they are ideal for weddings and other occasions where you want your lips to look perfect over an extended period of time. In my mind these features also make the liquid lipstick perfectly suitable for another use - as an eyeliner!

Lol at my ridiculously spidery lower lashes. I've been losing lashes like crazy lately and they've become thinner and sparser. Blaah! 

Eyeshadows used: Wedge, Blanc type, Copperplate and Carbon (MAC)
Liquid lipstick is Fashion legacy by MAC.

Contacts are kindly provided by Mr. Photoshop.

Would you dare to try on a lipstick as an eyeliner? What color would you choose? :) 

Thank you for stopping by!
Madam Noire 

onsdag 30 mars 2016

Gothy goth

Lately, I've been wearing almost exclusively dark, gothic smokey eyes combined with dark lips. Although I'm very versatile in the way I wear makeup, those kinds of looks have always been my favorite and the kinds of looks I feel most comfortable wearing.  

I feel like I could write a whole blogpost about this amazing lipstick, which is called "Labradorable" and comes from the Haute Dogs collection by MAC. It is a Mineralize lipstick which means it is extra creamy and moisturizing, hence the gorgeous, glossy finish. It is a lot lighter on it's own, but here I've put it on top of Feline eye kohl to make it really dark and gothy (yeah, I know that is not a real word...). 

A blackberry/plum toned eyeshadow is a perfect way to add just a little bit of more dimension to an otherwise colorless smokey eye. 

Base: Pro Longwear concealer mixed with a few drops of Careblend Essential oil, Mineralize skin finish Light, Cozy grey eyeshadow as contour
Eyebrows: Carbon
Brow highlight:  Pick me up
Liner: Smolder eye kohl as a base and liner, Retro black Fluid line pen (upper lash line)
Eyelid: Silver fog, Pearled earth
Crease: Cozy grey, Blackberry and Black tied

Lips: Prep + prime lip primer, Feline eye kohl, Labradorable Mineralize lipstick 

All of the products used are MAC and the eyeshadows are all from the cool/neutral x15 palette.

I hope all of you had a lovely Easter holiday! :) 
Madam Noire 

onsdag 23 mars 2016

Green, green, green

This is actually a spur of the moment look that I created for St Patrick's day, but I've never really came around to post it before now.

Foundation: Studio fix fluid NW10
Concealer: Pro Longwear NC15

Eyebrows: Carbon
Brow highlight: Nylon
Eyelid: Humid, Kelly, Bitter
Crease: Humid, Kelly
Inner corner: Nylon
Lashes: Haute & Naughty Waterproof

Lips: Prep + prime lip, Mineralize lipstick Pure Pout

All products used are by MAC.

I'll be back soon with a new look for you guys! :) By the way, what kinds of looks would you like to see? 

Thank you for reading!

Madam Noire

onsdag 16 mars 2016

Colorful Contrasts

Did any of you guys have the opportunity to purchase the Edward Scissorhands palette from Sugarpill before it sold out? Being a hopeless makeup hoarder and, of course, since this palette is a tribute to one of my favorite movies, I had been eyeing this little gem for a while, and finally ending up getting it as a Valentine's day gift from my fiancé.

Most of the colors in the palette are very easy-to-use goth-friendly colors but there are also two crazy bright pieces with an 80's vibe that probably make the shy ones cringe. It took quite awhile for me to get inspiration for looks featuring these colors, but now I get new ideas every other day. :)

Here's a look for those of you who like a bit of crazy color!


I think this combo is hideous and supercool at the same time! 

Luckily I had a lipstick in almost the same coral color as one of the eyeshadows. It is a liquid lipstick so maybe I should try and use it as an eyeliner? 

Foundation: Pro Longwear concealer NC15 mixed with Careblend Essential oil (MAC)
Concealer: Pro Longwear NC15
Blush: Suburbia (Sugarpill)

Eyebrows: Brun (MAC)
Brow highlight: Mylar (MAC)
Eyelid: Suburbia, Home sweet home, Heartshaped cookie (Sugarpill)
Crease: Suburbia
Inner corner: Ice Angel (Sugarpill)
Lashes: Extended Play lash + #43 lashes (MAC)

Lips: Prep + prime lip, Retro matte liquid lipcolor Rich & Restless (MAC)

Would you ever wear these colors? 

Thank you for reading!
Madam Noire

onsdag 9 mars 2016


Hello dear readers!

Neutral looks are the hardest. Maybe not hardest to do, but the hardest to make an interesting blog post about. :3

I also have a new (well, it's a year old but I haven't used it much) camera which I am trying to figure out. The most frequent problem I encounter when photographing makeup is that eyeshadows often look a bit "blotchy" on the photos, even though they're perfectly blended in real life. I had this problem when using my old camera as well, but after a while I learned what settings and lighting to use to catch the smooth gradients. I suppose I will have to give it some practice.

Combine this neutral (but dramatic) smokey eye with a taupe lipstick and you have a perfect everyday goth look. 

Skin: Pro-Longwear concealer in NC15 mixed with Careblend Essential oil, Mineralize skin finish Light (MAC)
Eyes: Blanc type, Wedge, Copperplate, Carbon (MAC)
Eyebrows: Brun (MAC)
Lashes: Haute & Naughty Waterproof mascara, #7 lashes (MAC)
Lips: Stone lipstick and lip pencil (MAC)

What looks do you like best? Neutral colors or more colorful looks? Wearable or crazy?

Hope you like the look. :) Take care everyone!

Madam Noire

måndag 7 mars 2016

Collectif Dolores Doll Dress

Hello dear readers!

After being disappointed several times when trying on retro dresses from various alternative brands, I was very happy to find a UK brand called Collectif. To me it was completely unknown until about a month ago (I realize that it is quite a well-known brand though...) when I by chance walked into my local Beyond Retro store, just to discover they had gotten in this line of beautiful, high-quality garments.

One of my favorite purchases from this brand is the Dolores Doll dress, which is made of nice, stretchy cotton and available in several different colors and patterns. Being the all-black-type I, of course, got the plain black one. 

The shoes I found in a secondhand store in Dublin. They are by the brand Sixtyseven. 

Picture found here

Have you ever tried this brand? What are your opinions?

Thank you for reading! Take care!

Madam Noire 

tisdag 1 mars 2016

Endometriosis Awareness

Today it is the first day of March, the month where winter is finally drawing towards its end and metamorphose into early spring. It is also, however, the month of endometriosis awareness. Endo... what? some of you might ask, and I don't blame you. This disease is as common as diabetes but still so few people know about it. Why? Probably because it is considered a "women's disease". 

So what is endometriosis? Most of us people who are born with a uterus experience period cramps sometimes in our lives. For people suffering from endometriosis these cramps are extreme and in many cases occurring every day or most days of the month instead of being solely related to the period. This pain is not reduced by ordinary painkillers and is often interfering with everyday activities such as work and social life. 

As you can imagine it is not easy leading a normal life when you're afflicted by this disease. Yet the people suffering from endometriosis are very often subjected to distrust from doctors, employers and family members. It usually takes several years to get a diagnosis, and even after that there is not much to do about it. No cure, only the hope for relief through strong painkillers. 

So what can you do about this? I think that the main thing all of us can do is show some understanding. Understanding towards a colleague, friend or family member who is often complaining about serious cramps. Because now you know that what can so easily be dismissed as "normal period cramps" might as well be quite a serious disease. A disease called endometriosis. 

The color adopted by the endometriosis awareness movement is yellow, and therefore I have created a yellow eye look to honor the cause. Hope you like it! 

Base: Pro longwear concealer NC15, Studio Waterweight foundation NW13, Mineralize skin finish Light (all by MAC)

Eyeshadows: Bright sunshine, Nylon, Era, Blanc type, Carbon (MAC), Buttercupcake (Sugarpill) 

Liner: Smolder, Blacktrack (MAC)

Lashes: Haute & naughty Waterproof mascara, #7 false lashes (MAC)

Lips: Mineralize lipstick Pure Pout (MAC)

Thank you so much for taking you time reading this looong post! See 
you around! 
Take care!

Madam Noire

söndag 28 februari 2016


Hello everyone! :)

Those who follow me at Instagram have already seen this look, but I hope some of you will find it interesting. It is a recreation of an old look I did, but for some reason I can't find it anywhere, so I don't really have a picture for comparison. Hope you like it anyway!

Base: Pro-longwear concealer mixed with Careblend essential oil and Mineralize skin finish in the color Light (MAC)

Eyes: NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk, Sugarpill Dollipop, Mochi and Hysteria, MAC Crystal avalanche, Blanc Type, Brun (eyebrows), and Carbon. MAC Smolder eye kohl and In Extreme Dimension mascara

False lashes: #3 (Also by MAC)

See you around! Take care!

Madam Noire

fredag 26 februari 2016

Born from the ashes

Let me begin this blog journey by introducing myself; I am Madam Noire, previously blogging at Madam Noires makeup studio. Why did I start a new blog? Well, just head back to the old one and you will find the answers you are searching for there. ;)

During the past few years the whole cyber world has exploded with pictures of makeup looks, perfected to a point where it is no longer possible to see what is makeup skill and what is the magic of photoshop. There are pictures out there of makeup looks so beautiful that it is enough to make the most talented makeup artist feel small and inadequate.
As for myself, I had quite a struggle with my own poor self-confidence for quite a while, feeling that I will never, ever be able to measure up to the Kardashian-perfect hobbyist makeup enthusiasts on blogs and Instagram. I had moments where I panicked and refrained from publishing pictures because of some eyebrow hairs sticking out in the wrong direction or because I felt that the look I had created wasn't mind-blowing enough compared to what other artists had already published. Everything about it had to be perfect and nothing I did was ever good enough.

But you know what? I don't care anymore.

I've realized that comparing your work to the works of others, and constantly chasing approval from other people takes the fun out of it all. So to hell with such destructive thoughts!

What you can expect from this blog is honest makeup looks that I share with you because I like them, and I hope that they will inspire at least some of you. :)
You will also find occasional outfit posts and sometimes thoughts on more serious subjects.

Hope to see you soon! Take care!

Madam Noire