onsdag 16 mars 2016

Colorful Contrasts

Did any of you guys have the opportunity to purchase the Edward Scissorhands palette from Sugarpill before it sold out? Being a hopeless makeup hoarder and, of course, since this palette is a tribute to one of my favorite movies, I had been eyeing this little gem for a while, and finally ending up getting it as a Valentine's day gift from my fiancé.

Most of the colors in the palette are very easy-to-use goth-friendly colors but there are also two crazy bright pieces with an 80's vibe that probably make the shy ones cringe. It took quite awhile for me to get inspiration for looks featuring these colors, but now I get new ideas every other day. :)

Here's a look for those of you who like a bit of crazy color!


I think this combo is hideous and supercool at the same time! 

Luckily I had a lipstick in almost the same coral color as one of the eyeshadows. It is a liquid lipstick so maybe I should try and use it as an eyeliner? 

Foundation: Pro Longwear concealer NC15 mixed with Careblend Essential oil (MAC)
Concealer: Pro Longwear NC15
Blush: Suburbia (Sugarpill)

Eyebrows: Brun (MAC)
Brow highlight: Mylar (MAC)
Eyelid: Suburbia, Home sweet home, Heartshaped cookie (Sugarpill)
Crease: Suburbia
Inner corner: Ice Angel (Sugarpill)
Lashes: Extended Play lash + #43 lashes (MAC)

Lips: Prep + prime lip, Retro matte liquid lipcolor Rich & Restless (MAC)

Would you ever wear these colors? 

Thank you for reading!
Madam Noire

7 kommentarer:

  1. I don't feel good in colorful make up, but on you looks awesome!

    1. Most people don't like wearing too much color. A tip if you would like to do a bit more of a colorful look some time is to put just a tiny bit of color in the inner corner. :)

  2. Those are pretty close to the pantone colors of the year. I kind of dismissed them right away, but they do look pretty awesome the way you have it. Also i didn't know you returned to blogging!

    1. Yeah, they are, aren't they? Never heard of Pantone before now though, but they do have a very interesting webpage. :) I love to get new tips on unusual color combos!
      It was only a month ago that I returned. I've missed blogging so much and thought it was time for a fresh start. :)

  3. This look is so darn stunning on you :)
    I love colored eyeshadow but I feel that I look better in darker colors :)
    I have seen that Edward Scissorhands palette online but never ordered it... I adore ES though, one of my all time favorite movies.. I mean.. Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.. what´s not to love :D

    1. Thank you! :)
      Dark colors are my choice as well when going out or for go to looks, but I love experimenting with different colors.
      It is a wonderful movie, isn't it? ^_^

  4. Wow this make up is a dream! Very very nice colour combination and blending *__*