onsdag 9 mars 2016


Hello dear readers!

Neutral looks are the hardest. Maybe not hardest to do, but the hardest to make an interesting blog post about. :3

I also have a new (well, it's a year old but I haven't used it much) camera which I am trying to figure out. The most frequent problem I encounter when photographing makeup is that eyeshadows often look a bit "blotchy" on the photos, even though they're perfectly blended in real life. I had this problem when using my old camera as well, but after a while I learned what settings and lighting to use to catch the smooth gradients. I suppose I will have to give it some practice.

Combine this neutral (but dramatic) smokey eye with a taupe lipstick and you have a perfect everyday goth look. 

Skin: Pro-Longwear concealer in NC15 mixed with Careblend Essential oil, Mineralize skin finish Light (MAC)
Eyes: Blanc type, Wedge, Copperplate, Carbon (MAC)
Eyebrows: Brun (MAC)
Lashes: Haute & Naughty Waterproof mascara, #7 lashes (MAC)
Lips: Stone lipstick and lip pencil (MAC)

What looks do you like best? Neutral colors or more colorful looks? Wearable or crazy?

Hope you like the look. :) Take care everyone!

Madam Noire

6 kommentarer:

  1. One of the loveliest makeup looks I have ever seen :O

  2. Hi dear! There's always time for a post with a neutral make up look ;p

  3. I love this...the eyes are INCREDIBLE!

  4. I love this...the eyes are INCREDIBLE!

  5. Uuuuuh, I love this neutral look! I'm always searching for everyday-work-appropriate Looks who allow me to let my gothy side shine through, but bright colours don't work (I've had my Boss making comments about it already). So - yes! Please! Please introduce a tag (or so) so we can all find your neutral Looks in a whim, it would be the best Thing I can think of.

    I have experimented a bit with Blogger too, maybe it's the button which says "Pages" (it's "Seiten" in german, the language I use) which lets you add more pages to the blog, e.g. one for neutral Looks, one for bright ones, etc.

    Greetings from a Long-term fan :*)