torsdag 14 april 2016

Future MAC

I was supposed to write this blog post about a week ago, but as I mentioned in my latest blogpost I started working again after a longer period of sick leave, and I've been very, very tired - thus the lack of blogposts the past week.

Well, anyway... As some of you have seen MAC has recently launched a collection called Future MAC, with a variety of soft, spring-breathing colors with a futuristic edge.

As for myself I couldn't help falling in love with the silvery grey mineralize lipstick called Ionized and the sparkling lipgloss Interspatial. :)

Would you wear a shade like this?

Thank you for reading! :)

Madam Noire

torsdag 7 april 2016

Shrinkle's Asylum

Today is that kind of day when everything that can go wrong when doing a makeup look will most definitely go wrong. My eyes were itching and watering like crazy, eyebrows were impossible to get straight and nice and the false lashes kept detaching in the corners due to the running eyes. You know, that kind of day. 

Anyway, this look is inspired by Shrinkle, who - which many of you already know, I'm sure - is the founder of the indie makeup brand Sugarpill. She has always been a huge inspiration for me and I couldn't resist recreating this blue and red look of hers. 

Spring-alleries and in desperate need of Cleareyes... 

Eyebrows: Carbon (MAC)
Eyes: Asylum, Tako (Sugarpill), Anja (Illamasqua), Blanc Type and Carbon (MAC)
False lashes: Saint (Sugarpill)

Tomorrow I'm starting working again after a couple of months sick-leave and I'm very excited to be back. MAC is also launching a new collection tomorrow, Future MAC*, and I might purchase a couple of items from it. 

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you liked the look! :) 

Madam Noire 

* It has been launched in some other countries already and online

lördag 2 april 2016

Fashion Legacy

I'm sure none of you (at least if you're interested in makeup) have missed the hype on liquid lipsticks over the past few years. Most brands carry them, and they are claimed to be matte, extremely long-lasting and smudge proof, which is completely true for all the ones I have tried. Thus, they are ideal for weddings and other occasions where you want your lips to look perfect over an extended period of time. In my mind these features also make the liquid lipstick perfectly suitable for another use - as an eyeliner!

Lol at my ridiculously spidery lower lashes. I've been losing lashes like crazy lately and they've become thinner and sparser. Blaah! 

Eyeshadows used: Wedge, Blanc type, Copperplate and Carbon (MAC)
Liquid lipstick is Fashion legacy by MAC.

Contacts are kindly provided by Mr. Photoshop.

Would you dare to try on a lipstick as an eyeliner? What color would you choose? :) 

Thank you for stopping by!
Madam Noire