torsdag 6 juli 2017

Spider Queen

As I mentioned in an earlier post I've been in a very Halloweeny mood lately. Here in Sweden we don't really celebrate Halloween, but I used to host a yearly Halloween party as a kid and I've been yearning to recreate that spooky feeling of anticipation that the end of October always brought with it. So this year I will actually celebrate with some kind of festivity. 

Anyway, the day-dreaming about late autumn and its spooky aura has sent my gothic mind into a creative frenzy and here is another result of that. As much as this is a Halloween-appropriate look for most people I would totally wear this for everyday occasions. What about you? :) 


Kat Von D; Nosferatu liquid lipstick, as a base to achieve that dried blood feeling, Jet eyeshadow, Pink Opal as the highlight in the middle of the eyelid and Tattoo liner in Trooper

Sugarpill; Tako and Love+

Anastasia Beverly Hills; Venetian red and Red Ochre

Thank you so much for stopping by! 

Take care! 

Love, Luna Von Bat

lördag 1 juli 2017


The other day I finally got around to do a new eye look. I have huge problems starting new projects (and finishing them...) and I've had zero patience to spare for all the steps involved in learning how to take decent pictures with my "new" camera. But I finally did it, and I'm quite happy with how it turned out. :) 

Products used;

•Sugarpill Tako, Acidberry and Poison Plum

•Kat Von D eyeshadow in Jet and Tattoo Liner in Trooper

I've been in a very Halloweeny mood lately and my mind has conjured up various ideas for new looks that I want to do. But then it comes down to actually do them, so only time will tell how that story goes. ;) 

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Stay spooky until next time! 


Luna Von Bat