torsdag 6 juli 2017

Spider Queen

As I mentioned in an earlier post I've been in a very Halloweeny mood lately. Here in Sweden we don't really celebrate Halloween, but I used to host a yearly Halloween party as a kid and I've been yearning to recreate that spooky feeling of anticipation that the end of October always brought with it. So this year I will actually celebrate with some kind of festivity. 

Anyway, the day-dreaming about late autumn and its spooky aura has sent my gothic mind into a creative frenzy and here is another result of that. As much as this is a Halloween-appropriate look for most people I would totally wear this for everyday occasions. What about you? :) 


Kat Von D; Nosferatu liquid lipstick, as a base to achieve that dried blood feeling, Jet eyeshadow, Pink Opal as the highlight in the middle of the eyelid and Tattoo liner in Trooper

Sugarpill; Tako and Love+

Anastasia Beverly Hills; Venetian red and Red Ochre

Thank you so much for stopping by! 

Take care! 

Love, Luna Von Bat

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  1. I'm sitting here drinking my pumpkin spice tea - Halloween is *every* day for me! I love this makeup.

    1. Thanks! Pumpkin spice tea sounds awesome! ^_^