söndag 29 juli 2018

Revival - perhaps

Hello and good to see you all again! :)

Am I back? I honestly don't know. As the ones of you following me on Instagram know, my health is a huge issue and has been for a long while now, and, unfortunately will be for every day for the rest of my life. Unless a miracle cure is invented, which is something I certainly can't reckon with when I plan my days.

Since I have to get out of the appartment once in a while, I've decided to try to do outfit posts. The reasons I've never done outfit posts before are a) I tend to wear pretty much the same thing every day and b) my wardrobe has until now been the worst mess imaginable. There could literally be a dead reindeer underneath that pile of clothes and I wouldn't have noticed. Fortunately, that was not the case. And even more fortunate is that I've gotten help sorting everything up.

So now I have a better overview of my collection of clothes, and, thus, I can plan my outfits better.

The next step I plan to do is borrowing a mannequin from somebody, and take photos of everything I own so that I can do some collages of stuff that go well together. I know there are apps for that but I have no idea which ones are good and not. Do you have any suggestions?

The woman who helped me organize my closet had looked up Stylebook and Smart closet for me, but which one should I choose?

Again, it's so good to be blogging again and I hope that something else won't snatch my attention away from this completely again. Now that I don't feel the pressure to produce makeup looks and buy new stuff for reviews anymore I am pretty sure it will be easier to keep up blogging.

I'm not chasing readers anymore and I'm done being scared to utter my own opinions and being scared of speaking my mind because someone might be offended and stop reading my blog.
As many of you, I too struggle with accepting that I matter. That I am worthy of love and friendship and of expressing my thoughts.

And that struggle begins here, taking a leap over the threshold of other's judgement.

Thank you so much for stopping by, for reading my ramblings! I would love to hear your thoughts of the topics in this posts, so feel free to write something in the comment section. :)

Also, I have a totally different haircut now. 

Have a lovely day, evening, night, or whatever it might be in your corner of the world!

Until next time,


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  1. Looking forward to reading more in future...express away, and be true to thine own self :)